Creating Clean Healthy Lakes

We solve the unique problems typically found in lakes, ponds, canals, and ditches.
Our staff of extensively trained and experienced biologists uses the safest and most effective technology for assuring that your waterways are free of nuisance weeds and algae. We also strive to restore and preserve the health, vitality, and ecological balance of each waterway under our care.

Through our personalized and professional service, we will meet your needs and assure your satisfaction.

Aquatic Weed Control

Our customers include homeowners associations, developers, golf courses, business parks, mobile home parks, municipalities, condominiums, apartment complexes, and anyone who needs assistance with a nuisance aquatic weed problem.
Upon request, an American Ecosystems Inc. representative will perform a free inspection of your waterway and provide you with a detailed proposal. Very often, the total investment for a program is surprisingly modest.


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Click here to read the Tampa Bay 10 News Story.

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